Most people know the Kingdom of Thailand as the landof smiles, the land of the free and the land of tantalizing gastronomy. Thailand, however, is also the home of deeply pocketed, overhanging limestone cliffs and stellar stalactites that draw climbers from around the world like a fat kid to ice cream on a hot summer day.

Thailand is one of the World’s greatest tropical climbing destinations, with sportn climbing, trad climbing, top-roping, and bouldering all offer.

There are many noteworthy climbs to be found in the North, most famously in and around Chiang Mai. Koh Tao - a small island off the West coast - has challenging sandstone bouldering (up to V11) and many opportunities for trad climbing and top-roping.

However, the Phra-Nang Peninsula in South Thailand, is undoubtably the climbing mecca. It’s soaring limestone karts attracting climbers from all four corners of the globe - and it’s not hard to see why.

A Sport’s climbers paradise, there are over 1000 sports routes, ranging from easy 5’s to 8b+’s. While most climbs are overhanging, you also find balancy and slab climbing. The unique rock formations feature everything from jugs, to finger pockets and stalactites. Routes can be short and intense or longer, with some 35 meter single pitches, and multi-pitch climbs which reach 200 meters! Crags are accessible through short jungle strolls, while some are but a stone’s throw your
bungalow. Imagine belaying from the bar patio, or taking a tropical ocean swim between climbs - floating on your back, gazing up at climbers working overhanging limestone on the beach. Often you will see the local monkeys monkeying around the crags, adding to the exotic feel. It’s a truly magical place!

Phra-nang Peninsula
The Phra-Nang Peninsula boasts some of the best sport climbing in the world! Just imagine hanging from a stalactite, dangling above emerald waters while surrounded by all the wonders of the jungle. An amazing adventure awaits sporty travelers looking for relaxed beaches, great people, mouthwatering food, and, of course, world class climbing.

In addition to Sports climbing, there is beach-side bouldering to try, deep water solo experiences to be had, secluded islands a kayak journey away, and tantilising snorkeling and diving.

The dramatic backdrop of limestone karts seal the Phra-Nang peninsula from mainland Krabi, leaving it’s only accessible by longtail boat-ride. This element of remoteness giving the place it’s island-like charm. 

Rai-Lay’s East and West beaches boast enticing restaurants, luxurious resorts and charming bungalows, but most climbers prefer to stay in Ton-Sai - a smaller beach slightly offset from the peninsula. It’s welcoming community and down-to-earth vibe leaves most coming back for more. And many just plain stuck!




boasts spectacular beaches such as Ao Nang, Railay. and Koh Phi Phi, all offering numerous diving and snorkeling trips, restaurants, shops, accommodation, and fantastic sport climbing. Overhanging limestone cliffs and rock formations make this province heaven for rock climbers. Climbers often find themselves beginning the day working difficult climbs on the beach then ending the day soloing on local islands, safely dropping into warm turquoise water. Sporty travelers also enjoy sea kayaking, base jumping, fire spinning, and testing their balance on the plentiful slack-lines. Krabi Town is the provincial capital, located at the mouth of Krabi River as it opens into the Andaman Sea. Krabi Town has a more relaxed-local feel than other tourist destinations in Thailand. However, it can be bustling in high season because it is often a base for those traveling to famous beaches such as Koh Phi Phi, Ao Nang, Railay and Ton Sai, or Koh Lanta.

You'll be impressed with breathtaking sheer, rocky cliffs, crowned with elevated jungles, as well as the coconut palms clad hillsides that over look.  glorious beaches. Phra Nang Bay is home to large limestone outcrops towering from the turquoise sea forming magnificent monoliths. The erosion of soft, porous limestone crates the illusion the rock is melting like an ice cream bar in the tropical heat. Deeply pocketed walls, overhangs, and stalactites coupled with a relaxed environment create a sport climber's paradise. 

Krabi is just over 800 km southwest of Bangkok. Take a flight from Bangkok and arrive at the international airport in about 1 ½ hours or travel by bus, but expect a grueling 12 hour (or so) trip.

Welcome to Tonsai!

There are plenty of experienced climbers around Tonsai and Railay beach who are always looking for climbing partners. Most people meet partners at Freedom Bar on the beach or Peace and Love (a coffee shop/bar) up the road. We just recommend that you watch your new partner belay/climb first to make sure they actually know what they are doing! Also, be sure to discuss climbing terms before getting on the rock. We’ve got people from all around the world here at the moment and everyone uses slightly different lingo.

If you’d like, you can hire a private guide for a half day or whole day to get familiar with the area but if you’d like to save money, just come by The Rock Shop and pick up a guide book. We can recommend crags that might be good for your level and also provide you with rental gear if you don’t have your own gear already.

Hope that answers your questions! Safe travels.


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